Easy Four Cheese Ravioli (15Minute Meal) Simply Home Cooked

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These 25 Ravioli Side Dishes are delicious, easy to make, and perfect for an Italian-inspired family dinner! From broccoli rabe and garlic bread to Ceaser salad, these side dishes are sure to impress! Ahhh, ravioli. these pillowy, soft, and juicy pockets of goodness made with endless filling. Cheese ravioli, lobster ravioli, and even.

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22. Greek Salad. Greek Salad is a refreshing, light, and flavorful salad with bright flavors of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onion, bell peppers, feta cheese, and homemade Greek dressing. It's a perfect salad to eat with ravioli. Click here to get the recipe from Will Cook for Smiles.

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Ingredients include: Brussel sprouts, avocado oil, garlic cloves, maple syrup, and sriracha sauce. 13. Stir-Fried Bok Choy. With its vibrant colors, tender texture, and bold flavors, this stir-fried bok choy dish is an excellent side for ravioli. The garlic and ginger add a fragrant depth of flavor.

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7 - Creamy Potato Gratin. Creamy potato gratin is the perfect pair with ravioli and is a great side dish for any occasion. The creamy cheese sauce is made from a roux base and milk, cream, or half-and-half. To avoid lumps, the mixture is stirred constantly over medium-high heat.

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4. Polenta. Ravioli comes in so many shapes, sizes, and flavors. I love it with salty meat and cheese, or succulent seafood. And if you're wondering what to serve with lobster ravioli, try this creamy polenta. Lobster longs for the company of corn, so serve this creamy and buttery cornmeal dish with your ravioli. You won't regret it! 5.

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14, Seared Zucchini. This side dish is a great option if you're looking to impress. Beautifully seared zucchini makes for a lovely presentation and a delicious side for ravioli. Zucchini with Basil. This quick seared zucchini with basil recipe will upgrade this simple vegetable to be the star of the dinner.

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Here's the short answer. The best dishes to serve with ravioli are garlic bread, broccoli rabe, Florentine steak, and Italian chicken skillet. You can also serve braised beef tips, vegetable soup, pesto shrimp, peperonata, and garlic pork chops. For salad options, try kale salad with parmesan or asparagus tomato salad.

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Oven roasted vegetables. Cipollini onions, carrots, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes roasted along with garlic cloves is a simple but delicious Italian side dish. Toss everything in olive oil and roast on a baking sheet in a 425 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. 15. Fried zucchini.

Easy Four Cheese Ravioli (15Minute Meal) Simply Home Cooked

Creamy polenta. Buttery polenta is unquestionably one of the best ravioli side dishes. Because of the buttery flavor, it goes especially well with lobster ravioli. So, for a well-rounded meal, offer a creamy and buttery polenta dish with freshly made ravioli. But, it's a great addition to all types of ravioli and it's super easy to make.

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Ravioli + Amazing Side Dish = PERFECTION! From classics such garlic bread and bruschetta, to healthier options such as sauteed spinach and grilled peppers, there are so many options. So, let's dig in! Keep reading to discover 30+ of the best side dishes to serve with ravioli!

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Side dishes include: pesto roasted veggies, tomato soup, baked buffalo chicken wings, tomato salad, focaccia pizza, steak au poivre, wonton mozzarella sticks, caesar salad, baked Italian turkey meatballs, garlic sauteed spinach, and kale salad with parmesan and pine nuts. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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17- Italian Style Lentils - Healthy vegetarian side dish packed with fiber and protein. 18- Creamy polenta - Velvety, buttery polenta is light and fluffy, while feeling super indulgent. 19- Sautéed Green Beans Recipe (Easy), or Italian Flat Green Beans Recipe (with Tomatoes and Garlic).

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For a lighter and healthier side dish, try serving ravioli with zucchini noodles. The mild flavor and tender texture of the zucchini noodles let the ravioli filling shine, while also adding a touch of freshness. Spiralize your zucchini and sauté it with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper for a quick and delicious side. 5. Caramelized Onion

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Here are the 11 best side dishes for ravioli. 1. Roasted Vegetables. Up first, roasted vegetables have a homely vibe that allows them to pair with a range of dishes. This includes ravioli. We particularly recommend accompanying your ravioli with roasted vegetables if you are serving it with a tomato or vegetable sauce.

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You can either serve them right away or wrap them in a slice of prosciutto. 12. Polenta. Polenta is another popular side dish to serve with toasted ravioli. It's creamy and delicious, which makes it a great accompaniment for pasta dishes. A good polenta is smooth and soft. It has a rich and buttery flavor.

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With its simple yet delicious flavor profile, the classic Caesar salad is a perfect side dish for ravioli. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or something hearty and filling, this dish is sure to hit the spot. 14. Garlic Knots -