Christmas tree fruit platter is so simple and cute. Holiday eating

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5. Mixed Rainbow Fruit Platter. Idea via abubblylife. A sort of mixed fruit platter that is arranged in rows with strawberries, kiwi, oranges, grapes, apple, and raspberries. Perfect if you want a platter that is bright and colorful. 6. Tropical Themed Fruit Platter. Idea via alohadreams.

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Arrange the oranges around the platter. Wash grapes and remove them from the stems. Place the grapes between the oranges. The grapes will help hold the oranges in place. Place a raspberry in the center of each orange. Place strawberries on top of the grapes. Add a dairy-free vanilla yogurt to the center.

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Arrange kiwi slices in a circular pattern on the outer rim of the platter. Create an inner rim with the remaining kiwis. This will form the border of your fruit wreath. Next, fill in the wreath with green grapes. Using a small star-shaped cookie cutter, cut stars out of the honey melon.

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Shape the tree with a flat layer first. Starting with the bottom layer, in this case the cheddar cheese, make a single layer of cheese in the shape of the bottom of the tree. Then add a single layer of fruit, then the next cheese, and so on up the tree shape until you get to the point at the top. Once you have the basic shape, start filling it.

Christmas Fruit Platter An Easy Holiday Fruit Wreath Keeping the Peas

13 — Mango & Pear Fruit Platter. Photo by Never Enough Greens. The mango & pear fruit platter has a beautifully sweet and tart combination that will have you coming back for more. This idea takes lesser used but equally delicious fruits like golden kiwi, blood grapefruit, pear, passion fruit and figs.

Christmas tree fruit platter is so simple and cute. Holiday eating

This removes surface debris and bacteria. Place the clementines, apples, pears, fig, persimmon, and blood orange on the tray, spreading out the colors. Slice off the top of the pomegranate and score the skin into fourths. Insert your thumb gently into the top and break the fruit apart into chunks.

Christmas Fruit Platter Keeping the Peas

Use a cookie cutter (or a knife and cut out the star and place pineapple on a large rectangle plate. Build the tree in a cone shape starting with one green grape. Followed by two, then three, and adding an extra one with each row. About 3-4 rows down, you want to add some red rows, using raspberries or strawberries.

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Add a healthy and festive touch to your Christmas celebration with these delicious fruit platter ideas. Discover creative ways to arrange and display a variety of colorful fruits for a stunning holiday treat.

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Create a beautiful and healthy holiday spread with these festive fruit platter ideas. Impress your guests with a colorful and refreshing treat that everyone will enjoy.

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Instructions. Place a small bowl of fruit dip in the center of a large, 13-inch circular cutting board or platter. Around the perimeter of the board, place the sprigs of mint and rosemary in a circle with the stems pointing towards the dip. Place the green grapes on top of the herbs. (Some of the herbs should stick out the sides.)

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Bring ½ cup sugar and ½ cup water to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat. Swirl the water and simmer until the sugar completely dissolves, about 1 minute. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Add the cranberries and stir to coat each berry.

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Step 4: Use your knife to cut "corners" on the top of your orange to make the shape of a bow and place it at the top or bottom of the wreath. Optional: Place the leftover orange segments around the Christmas fruit platter as decor. Step 5: Serve to your holiday guests.

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Instructions. Place the sprigs of mint and rosemary on a large, round serving plate or board. Trim the ends if they are long. Create a circular pattern with the green grapes on top of the herbs. Then layer with kiwi and red grapes. Finally, add the raspberries on top, sprinkling them throughout the wreath.

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Directions. Create an outline of a tree shape using the grapes on a cutting board or serving platter. Begin at the top point of the tree and fan the grapes out into a triangular pattern. Create 3 triangular sections, each slightly larger than the last. Fill in each section with kiwi slices.

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Wash and dry all of the fruit. Cut the grapes in half. Slice an apple into rounds and use a mini star cookie cutter to cut out 2 stars from the apple. To assemble the tree, begin by placing the grapes near the bottom of the platter. Make sure you leave enough room at the bottom of the platter to add the trunk and presents.

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Add the first layer of fruit - we use the biggest which is watermelon slices. Continue to build up the layers of fruit - we add oranges and then kiwi next. Finish up the Christmas tree fruit platter with the smaller fruit at the top and then top with a star - we used a star cookie cutter and cut the star from a slice of watermelon.